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About Clive Davies-Frayne

Clive Davies-Frayne is a screenwriter, who has spent the last fourteen years exploring the world of Alt-cinema (independent, low-budget film-making). In that time, he has written and directed a couple of feature films nobody has seen or cares about, run a couple of online magazines/blogs about micro-budget film making, and made some rather radical suggestions about how writers can tap into the opportunities presented by the digital revolution. His preferred title is “media hobo.” Follow Clive on Twitter @clivefrayne

Alt Script: Reconnecting with Your Intuitive Writer

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Before you first consumed an article or book on how to write a better screenplay, or attended your first screenwriting seminar, you had intuitive ideas about how to write movie scripts. These intuitive ideas excited you, you were passionate about them....

Alt Script: Self Esteem and Avant-Garde Cinema

On the MIND mental health website, I found this list of things you can do to improve your self esteem.     Stop comparing yourself to others     Don’t put yourself down     Get into the habit of saying and thinking positive things about yourself     Accept compliments...

Alt Script: Should You Become Your Own Producer?

For me alt-cinema only really starts to become interesting when a screenwriter decides to become their own producer. The problem is, too many writers only embrace this way of working because they see it as an easy option. They are eager to embrace low-no budget production because, at first glance, it...