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About Clive Davies-Frayne

Clive Davies-Frayne is a screenwriter, who has spent the last fourteen years exploring the world of Alt-cinema (independent, low-budget film-making). In that time, he has written and directed a couple of feature films nobody has seen or cares about, run a couple of online magazines/blogs about micro-budget film making, and made some rather radical suggestions about how writers can tap into the opportunities presented by the digital revolution. His preferred title is “media hobo.” Follow Clive on Twitter @clivefrayne

Alt Script: How Much Is Your Film Script Worth?

Sign up for our newsletter and get a free webinar on how to make the most of a pitching event! I’ve always believed a writer, even a newbie, should have some kind of answer to this question. The problem is that in the indie/alt-cinema sector, there are a few of different...

Alt Script: How to Pick the Right Independent Producer

Working with independent film producers, has taught me that one of the most complicated decisions a screenwriter will ever make, is choosing which indie (alt-cinema) producer to collaborate with. And, just to make it clear, in the world of independent film-making the word “collaborate” is code for: we’d like you to...

Alt Script: Why Alt Screenwriting?

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat, Love, Pray,” gave a fascinating TED conference speech in 2009, about the origins of the “creative genius,” in which she talks about the creative act as, turning up at the typewriter to serve whatever ideas want to flow through her onto the page. I’m paraphrasing...