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Heather Hale is an independent Film and Television Writer, Producer and Director, approved for NBC Universal's special development fund managed by IFTA (the host of the AFM). Her most recent thriller Absolute Killers (W, D, P: Meatloaf Aday, Ed Asner, Edward Furlong) is available at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. Her other credits include: The Courage to Love (W, Lifetime: Vanessa Williams, Diahann Carroll, Stacey Keach, Gil Bellows). Her projects have won Emmys, Tellys and Ace Awards. Tim McGraw has twice optioned one of her true-life biopics and Tim Conway is attached to one of her comedies. She was the Vice President and Director of Event Programming for NATPE (2004 & 2005) and for whom she still serves as a Pitch Prep Consultant) and the Industry Coordinator for the Independent Film and Television Alliance for the 2013 American Film Market. She is a member of the TV Academy and Show Biz Mensans, judges for the College Emmys and a voter for the Indie Spirit Awards. Her Focal Press book on How to Work the Film & TV Markets is due out June 2015. Follow Heather on Twitter @HeatherJHale


Producer’s POV: StorySelling – The Art of Pitching

Pitching can be creative and (dare I say it?) even fun. And if you get good at it, it can empower and liberate you to do more of what you love to do:  write. Writers are storytellers. But when they have to sell their stories, they often freeze up. That’s an unfortunate and unnecessary...

ed Vineyard at Arles The Vigne Rouge

Producer’s POV: Writer Fears – I’m Not Good Enough

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Isn’t that every writer’s greatest fear? Producer Anne Marie Gillen recently posed this question to our Mastermind Group: “What keeps you awake at night?What are those nasty thoughts that keep playing around in your head?  The shoulda-coulda-woulda?” It stimulated such an open and honest discussion about...

Story Maps by Daniel Calvisi Book Review

Story Analyst Dan Calvisi used to only reveal the inner workings of his method to his students and script consulting clients now but he’s sharing his template in his new eBook: Story Maps: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay, available as a download purchase directly off his on his Act Four Screenplays website.

The Great Linda Seger Has Done It Again!

In this, her ninth book on screenwriting, the industry’s matriarch — who essentially created the job of script consultant three decades ago — Dr. Seger has gone on to clarify one of the most elusive elements of screenwriting in her latest book: Writing Subtext: What Lies Beneath.