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Heather Hale is a Film and Television Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Consultant and Author. Her credits include the indie thriller, Absolute Killers (2011), the $5.5M Lifetime Original Movie, The Courage to Love (2000) and dozens of hours of syndicated, reality, industrials, infomercials and edutainment programming that have won a couple Emmys, Ace and Telly awards. Her book How to Work the Film and TV Markets: A Guide for Content Creators (Focal Press/Routledge) is available at Amazon and a ton of FREE RESOURCES are available on her site. Look for Story$elling: How to Develop, Market and Pitch Film & TV Projects (Michael Wiese) in 2019. Follow Heather on Twitter or Facebook or connect on LinkedIn.

What Goes Into An Indie Film Proposal?

Based on your hit list targets and call to action goals, your package may or may not include all of the following material (you may not even have or have a clue to some of it - but it's a living, breathing, evolving document - part of the process is doing...

The Indie Film Proposal – A Living, Breathing Document

As much as a screenplay evolves - changing dramatically (and hopefully for the better) from initial concept to first draft, through rewriting on through the development, pre- and production processes, so, too, should your indie film “package” constantly be refined as you further clarify your project and hone in on your...