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The founder of Jacob Krueger Studio, Jacob has worked with all kinds of writers, from Academy and Tony Award Winners, to young writers picking up the pen for the first time. His writing includes The Matthew Shepard Story, for which he won the Writers Guild of America Paul Selvin Award and was nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Screenplay. To follow Jacob’s blog or learn more about his Screenwriting Workshops, Online Classes, and International Retreats please visit

issue-based movies

A WRITER’S VOICE: Nightcrawler – Writing Issue-Based Movies

Click to tweet this article to friends and followers! For this installment of A Writer’s Voice, I’ll be talking about Nightcrawler and what it means when you’re writing “issue-based movies.” Sometimes, when we have a strong socio-political point that we want to make, as writers, the urge is to get up on our soapbox...

theme and metaphor

A WRITER’S VOICE: Guardians of The Galaxy – It’s a Metaphor!

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! In this installment of A Writer’s Voice, I’ll be discussing Guardians of the Galaxy and how James Gunn’s script has redefined our expectations of what a superhero movie can be. The difference between what James Gunn is doing in his script and what a lesser writer would...

Meditative Writing at Jacob Krueger Studio

A Writer’s Voice: What is Meditative Writing?

Getting to the heart of your character’s voice is one of the most challenging tasks for any writer. Today I’m going to have a guest lecturer, Jessica Hinds, on my podcast, describing a new approach to getting your best work on the page called Meditative Writing. Meditative Writing is a way of getting past...


A Writer’s Voice: What’s The Worst Thing That Can Happen? BLUE RUIN, THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM & ALIEN

In this installment of A Writer’s Voice we’re going to be looking at Blue Ruin, a nice little indie thriller by Jeremy Saulnier. What’s interesting about Blue Ruin is that its main character, Dwight, does not arc in the traditional way. He doesn’t change in the way that screenplay characters typically change. In fact, the primary journey of Blue Ruin is built around...


A Writer’s Voice: How “Amazing” is ‘Spiderman 2’?

In this installment of A Writer’s Voice, I’ll be discussing The Amazing Spiderman 2 and action movie writing in general with George Strayton. George teaches our Action Movie Writing class here at Jacob Krueger Studio and has a tremendous background in the action movie world. He’s worked with Sam Raimi, he’s worked with Bob...


Writer’s Voice: Frozen – Do You Want To Build A Screenplay?

Building a career as a writer means learning to write on assignment.  But how do you hold on to your unique voice as a writer, while still delivering the elements big budget Hollywood producers are demanding?  In this Podcast, Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger shows you how the screenplay for Disney’s Frozen gets away with breaking all...