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The founder of Jacob Krueger Studio, Jacob has worked with all kinds of writers, from Academy and Tony Award Winners, to young writers picking up the pen for the first time. His writing includes The Matthew Shepard Story, for which he won the Writers Guild of America Paul Selvin Award and was nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Screenplay. To follow Jacob’s blog or learn more about his Screenwriting Workshops, Online Classes, and International Retreats please visit

ask the expert

Ask the Expert: Creating Characters to Attract Actors

Q: I’ve gotten feedback saying my characters are flat and uninteresting and wouldn’t attract an A-list actor. What’s your advice on how to strengthen my characters? A: It’s no wonder that some of the greatest writers began their careers as actors. The art of writing and acting have always been profoundly intertwined. That’s because...


A Writer’s Voice: Does Your Character Actually Arc?

Introducing the new video column by Jacob Krueger, A Writer’s Voice: A truly great script is like a rare bird, so infrequently spotted that it’s easy to wonder if it actually exists. With so many writers following the same tired formulas, catching that bird requires a leap of faith in yourself, trusting that the answer...

written for a star

Is Your Screenplay Written For a Star?

By Jacob Krueger Everybody knows that if you want to get your script made, you’ve got to get an amazing actor to say yes to the leading role. And that doesn’t mean some underappreciated thespian who really deserves her day in the sun.  I’m talking above-the-line talent, a legitimate movie star whose name itself is...

arrested development

TV Writing: What’s Wrong with ‘Arrested Development’?

For fans of the original Arrested Development, this weekend was one of the most anticipated TV events in history.  The return, after 8 years, of a show commonly thought of as the funniest sitcom in TV history. So why did so many people end up cutting their long awaited Arrested Development marathon short after watching...


Story Location, Life Location: Where is Your Character Going?

Today I want to talk  about the importance of location, both in screenplays and in life. We behave differently in different places, and so do our characters. Travelling abroad, we speak to people we wouldn’t necessarily speak to, face fears we wouldn’t normally face, and get in touch with aspects of ourselves we wouldn’t...

index cards

Are You Planning Your Script?

If you’ve ever read one of the popular books on screenwriting, there’s a good chance you’re well on your way to planning your script. Depending on which book you’ve read, you’ve probably got a logline, an outline, pages and pages of character bios, half a trillion note cards thumb-tacked to your walls, a dozen...

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Five Steps To Pitching Success

If you’re going to pitch your script you’re going to need certain materials: a killer logline, a short pitch that captures the essence of your story, and a two page treatment that shows how it all works in relation to your character’s journey. But often so much focus goes into figuring out the perfect...


Facing the Blank Page

How To Face The Blank Page Whether you’re brand new to writing or have been writing for years, there is a common fear you share with all writers: the fear of the blank page. When we dream about writing, we can imagine the blank page as a place of possibility, excitement and inspiration.  After...