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Jeffrey Alan Schechter

About Jeffrey Alan Schechter

Jeffrey Alan Schechter is an award-winning screenwriter and producer as well as the author of the bestselling book My Story Can Beat Up Your Story!

A popular international speaker and script consultant, Jeff has written for such diverse studios and broadcasters as The Disney Channel, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, ABC, NBC, The Discovery Channel, Hallmark, Nickelodeon, the Walt Disney Company, and the BBC among many others.

Jeff is currently developing The Story Steps Method, a detailed system that blends both the art and business of writing into a daily program for success. You can keep track of Jeff’s upcoming events on his website, on his Facebook page, and on Twitter at @mscbuys.

Story Steps: What’s Your Personal Brand?

The Kid on the Cover I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine named Kevin Susman.  Kevin, besides being a gifted writer and a very funny guy, is an expert on personal branding.  Ever since my book My Story Can Beat Up Your Story!  was published I’ve been wrestling with...