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Kevin Delin took a few writing courses (among other things) at MIT from playwright A.R. Gurney and author Frank Conroy. In addition to writing a monthly column for Footlights, he uses his extensive tech background, including a PhD in Physics, and work experience in both Silicon Valley and NASA to advise those who want to ground their entertainment in science. He's also contributed pieces about art and culture to American Theatre, LA Weekly, Script Magazine, and Stage Raw. You can follow him on Twitter @kdelin.

The Wide Margin: Less is More

The Wide Margin: When Less is More

On the nineteenth day of the eleventh month of the year four score and seven after the founding the Nation, Abraham Lincoln delivered his über-nano Gettysburg Address.  Just how short was this speech?  272 total words arranged in only 10 sentences.  That is to say, 143 different words.  Just how few...

The Wide Margin: A Writer’s Carnal Knowledge

“So, that’s one for “Cah-nahl Knah-ledge…” That’s how they sold tickets at the old Hahvahd Squah Theahter Harvard Square Theatre where I first saw the classic Mike Nichols’ film.  The Harvard Square Theatre – before succumbing to the sweeping home viewing revolution – used to host both old films (different daily...

The Wide Margin: A Writer’s Rules, A Writer’s Tools

Hello.  I’m Kevin. And I’m a writer.  I have never thought of myself as a playwright.  Never thought of myself as a screenwriter.  Nor a novelist.  I’m not an essayist.  And I’m most certainly not a blogger because – let’s face it – until the Internet was invented, “blogging” was what...