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Kim Garland is an award-winning screenwriter and director originally from Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. She's a graduate of Columbia University, with a degree in Creative Writing, and studied screenwriting at The New School University in New York. She's worked in literary acquisition at Braven Films and as a Story Producer for MTV. Kim has written and directed multiple films, including award-winning short films Vivienne Again (2012) and The End of Mara (2016). Through her production company City Kid Films, she's screened her work internationally at numerous film festivals & screening series. You can watch Kim's films at her website and follow her on Twitter at @kim_garland.

Write, Direct, Repeat: Get Set

Back in 2009, when I had just begun studying screenwriting, I went to a one-day workshop on the basics of filmmaking that was geared toward first-time directors. I wasn’t attending because I thought I could ever direct a film – that seemed like a mythical goal well out of my reach...

Write, Direct, Repeat: Grab Life by the Here and Nows

Not long ago, my mom went back to school to become a Medical Assistant. It wasn’t her first career, she worked in magazine marketing when I was growing up, but being part of the medical field had always been her dream. That dream solidified when she was just a teenager and...

Alain Aguilar and Kim Garland

Write, Direct, Repeat: Dare to Make a Scene

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! In August 2011 I stepped onto a film set for the first time as the director. I’d worked on film sets before, but never in this role, and in the first moments of that first day I started getting cold feet....