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Lucy V. Hay is a novelist, script editor and blogger who helps writers via her Bang2write consultancy. Lucy is head reader for The London Screenwriters' Festival and author of Writing And Selling Thriller Screenplays for Creative Essentials, plus its follow up,Writing & Selling Drama Screenplays. BOTH OUT NOW.

Submissions Insanity: Extreme Christmas Turkey Edition

So, Christmas* is around the corner (*other seasonal holidays are available). We all know what this means … Yes, that writers wish they could be writing instead of doing all that boring and annoying family stuff! ACK, spouses, kids, parents, siblings, aged aunts and uncles, grandchildren, pets etc are SO INCONSIDERATE! But...

Submissions Insanity: 10 Title Tips

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! So, in the last couple of weeks I’ve been wading through the submissions pile for London Screenwriters’ Festival which takes place at the end of this month. The scribes in question have been applying not only for the actors’ table reads (where, unsurprisingly,...

Losing it over Loglines

Submissions Insanity: 6 Reasons Loglines Go Bad

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Loglines: they’re tricky lil’ b******s. Whether writing loglines on paper or pitching them out loud in person, scribes have a horrible habit of totally BLOWING IT when it comes to encapsulating their story and hooking their pitchee’s interest. Yet this is...