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Marty Lang is a screenwriter, filmmaker, journalist and educator. His feature writing/directing debut, RISING STAR, won Best Premiere at the 2012 Seattle True Independent Film Festival, and was acquired for worldwide distribution by Content Film in 2013. His producing credits include the 2016 Independent Spirit Award-nominated OUT OF MY HAND, and BEING MICHAEL MADSEN, starring Michael Madsen, Virginia Madsen and Daryl Hannah. He's crazy about UConn basketball, pugs, his niece Lindsay and his nephew Luke. Follow him on Twitter @marty_lang.

ALTERNATE ROUTES: Building an Army

Marty Lang launches his new column, Alternate Routes, with advice to folks who want to work in film (as a writer or anything else), but who don’t have access to the industry’s traditional power centers.

How Can Acting Help Your Writing?

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! If you look me up on the Internet Movie Database, you’ll see that I have acting credits. Some of them on things you may have heard of. But I’ve never really considered myself an actor. When I think of actors, I...

Just Film School

Should you attend film school? Know the benefits of attending film school, but also see how the film business is changing.