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About McNayr & Gustafson

Alec McNayr and Robert Gustafson write, produce and direct for film and television. Their company, Space Shank Media, is an entertainment production company, focusing on developing, producing, and marketing TV and online content.

A Brief History of the Web Series

If feels silly to write a “brief history” of online, serialized content—since its history is, itself, so brief. In less than a decade, the online video industry has moved from a disconnected hodge-podge of animated shorts to a multi-billion industry.

Streamy Award-Winning Writer: Bernie Su, COMPULSIONS

The 2010 Streamy Award for Best Writing for a Drama Series went to Bernie Su, the creator and writer of Compulsions, an independently produced Web series thriller surrounding “an admitted Sadist with a dull desk job.” The series itself is dark, gripping, and, as you might guess, expertly written.

Paul Etheredge, ANGEL OF DEATH

New Media writers Robert Gustafson and Alec McNayr visited the set of’s Angel of Death. Director Paul Etheredge explains how he directed a Web series and a feature film simultaneously. Read the complete article in the March/April issue of Script.