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Paul Chitlik’s writer/producer credits include The New Twilight Zone, Who’s the Boss, Brothers, Amen, Perfect Strangers, Small Wonder, and the made-for-television movie Alien Abduction for UPN. Chitlik has created several pilots as well as written feature films for Rysher, NuImage, Mainline Releasing, and Promark. He has been nominated for a WGA Award and a GLAAD Media Award and has won a Genesis Award. Chitlik teaches screenwriting at UCLA, Loyola Marymount University, and ESCAC, the film school of the University of Barcelona, Spain.

Rewrite: Tips for Strengthening Your Protagonist’s Aim

The protagonist is really on three journeys: the “A” story — the plot; the “B” story — the relationship; and the “C” story — the internal journey dealing with [a] flaw. These journeys are intertwined and interdependent. Often, a plot point for the A story serves as the same point in...