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Paula Landry, MBA, is a writer/producer and consultant helping artists find deeper meaning in their work and create strategies to stay inspired, fusing business & creativity. Landry creates media business plans, marketing plans, movie budgets, coaching artists and teaching film business classes at NYU, SVA, Wagner College, The Actors Fund and MCNY. She’s co-authored This Business of FILM; and Sell Your Screenplay; and is the author of Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film. Clients include Christie’s, Forbes, EW, GQ, Pearson TV, Game Show Channel to name a few. Her films have debuted at Sundance, CineVegas, winning awards from Columbia Pictures Screen Gems, Time Warner Showtime Audience Award, and WorldFest Houston Film Fest. Connect via LinkedIn, @paulalandry on Twitter, email: or Facebook #filmdreamers #mediaentrepreneurs #aflickchick

Screenwriting Filmmaking in China

Writing Wrap Up: China Here Now!

We writers often live in our heads, and today I’m urging us collectively to be here, now, right in the present. Philosophy and religion have tons of literature about this subject, but I have learned from years of writing and working with scribes and entrepreneurs that to accomplish something, it is...