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Pen Densham is co-founder of Trilogy Entertainment Group and considers himself a triple-hyphenate: a writer-producer-director. He writes for both TV and feature films and is responsible for reviving The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone to television, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and his personal favorite, Moll Flanders, which he wrote and directed, starring Robin Wright and Morgan Freeman. Pen also teaches as an adjunct professor at USC Film School.

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Ask the Expert: The Birth of Your First Draft

Question: What kind of feedback should I seek after the first draft is done? You got to the end of your first draft! Congratulations.  You just gave birth! Er, thanks…  Is my child any good?  I hope it’s a genius.  Maybe it’s an idiot?  How can I find out? Truthfully, a first draft is...

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Curiosity Did Not Kill the Cat: Can New Story Ideas Thrive?

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. …it made it buy a movie ticket! Hollywood Studios seem trapped between two goals: replicating their franchises and creating clones of other studios’ hits. As I am writing this we are in the Twilight Zone (not Rod Serling’s, but Summit’s).  I get the sense that the studios are all...

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10 Secrets to Writing Success

Pen Densham, co-founder of Trilogy Entertainment Group, considers himself a triple-hyphenate: a writer – producer – & director.  He and his partner John Watson have been Oscar Nominated twice, have produced 15 features and over 300 hours of television. He writes for both TV and feature films and is personally responsible for reviving ‘The...

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Alligator Tales: The Orgasm

Who’d have thought a bunch of flowers could bring on a life long orgasm? No – not that kind of orgasm. I mean a creative “climax” in a story. Way back in the Jurassic history of our company, John Watson – my Trilogy partner – and I started our company by making short films....

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Riding the Alligator: Falling in Love … Literally

In creating a fast-paced adventure, we often have little time to flesh out our characters, let alone take the time to sculpt out a love relationship that is supposed to profoundly affect the protagonists. I remember, as a little kid, squirming in movies when the hero and his love interest go through their bonding...

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Alligator Tales: Sometimes I Have No Idea

My bird guy mentioned the time he found himself in an inspired frenzy, writing a play that eventually got produced. He wrote the first act in a three-hour gusher. After lunch? My bird guy lifted his hands like fluttering wings, “empty." The flow had gone. It took him another year to write the...

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Alligator Tales: Creativity Cannot Have Rules

We frequently depress ourselves when we look at what others have completed and compare it with the vague little spirits of ideas that we are trying to piece together. When we see a completed film, book, or artwork, it can seem like some overwhelmingly successful vessel, loaded with powerful exotic goods.

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Alligator Tales: Weird Feelings About “Life Scripts”

I remember driving to work and listening to a PBS radio item about an Orphans and Foundlings home in England where they’d discovered letters a hundred years old or more, written by women when they abandoned their children on the doorstep. I thought: What does a woman say to a child at that...


Alligator Tales: A Cheesy Way to Start

In order to teach, I had to ask myself questions. How had I survived in this business? Why was I still dedicated to taking the giant risks of time and resources of writing spec scripts and trying to sell them? How do I overcome my ever present “imposter syndrome” and fear of failure? On...