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About Pamela Jaye Smith

PAMELA JAYE SMITH is a writer, international consultant and speaker, and award-winning producer-director. She wrote THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE; INNER DRIVES; SYMBOLS, IMAGES, CODES and BEYOND THE HERO’S JOURNEY. Pamela founded MYTHWORKS and co-founded Mythic Challenges and Alpha Babe Academy. Clients and credits include Fox, Microsoft, Paramount, Disney, RAI-TV Rome, National Film School of Denmark, LA and Marseille WebFests, the Writers Store and Romance Writers of America. She was named a STAR Speaker at Screenwriting Expo 07. She is the myth expert on the Special Features for Fox’s ICE AGE: Continental Drift movie.

Ask the Expert — Character Description

Question: “How much importance should be placed on describing the character in a pitch?” Answer:Stories are all about characters, so let the potential buyer know yours are fascinating and compelling, caught up in emotional turmoil, action challenges, moral dilemmas … whatever the dramatic conflict in your story. SDS: Sympathy, Danger, Salvation. Let...