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About Robert Piluso

Robert Piluso is a Professor of English at Mt. San Antonio College, film critic (The Essential Sopranos Reader), screenwriter (CS Expo 2011 Winner-Best Comedy Script, Strum & Wail; Austin Film Festival 2012 Feature Comedy Second Round), poet (Dash, The Chaffey Review). He earned his Master of Arts in English from CSU Fullerton and his Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Screen and Television from the University of Southern California. He is the author of the illustrated novel Redemptor Future Shaman. He lives in Southern California with his daughter. Visit his website and follow him on Twitter @RobertPiluso.

Martin Scorsese, His Hugo, and Deism

Scorsese’s Hugo (based on the book by Brian Selznick) joins the ranks of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables and Voltaire’s Candide, other stories with Deist messages, as a profound piece of film literature about our un-accidental places in this world.

Writers on Genre at the WGAW: Action-Adventure

If you ever need to find a screenwriter on a Thursday night in July, check out the second floor of the Writers Guild of America West office building in Los Angeles, California, and you can take your pick from about hundred: male, female, young, less young, tall or less tall.

Grain: A Table Reading

Through an event series from, studio execs were treated to a table reading for Grain, about “a struggling American photojournalist in the middle of a messy separation who goes on the road with an aging Mexican matador to document Baja’s gritty world of minor league bullfighting.”
Paper Man

Review: Paper Man

Written and directed by Michele and Kieran Mulroney and starring Jeff Daniels as Richard, a fantastically failed author staying in wintry Montauk, Paper Man brings into question ideas of purpose, companionship, and… appropriateness.

Book Review: The Show Starter Reality TV Made Simple System

So you’ve got an idea for a reality show—did you know there would most likely be $1000-$3000 of out-of-pocket expenses (as in, “yours”) to get it set up to even pitch? This is just one of the many startling, sobering facts available in Donna Michelle Anderson’s book The Show Starter Reality...