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STEVE KAIRE is a Screenwriter/Pitchman who’s sold 8 projects to the major studios without representation. The last project he sold, he’s Co-Producing for Walden Media. A screenwriter for over 30 years, he holds a Masters in Dramatic Writing and has taught writing classes at the American Film Institute. Steve was featured on the Tonight Show’s, “Pitching to America” and was voted a Star Speaker at Screenwriters Expo three years in a row. His top rated CD, High Concept - How to Create, Pitch & Sell to Hollywood is a best seller. His website is:

Upside Down Inside Out

WRITER’S EDGE: Upside Down Inside Out – Half Baked Ideas

Click to tweet this article to friends and followers! Upside down inside out is a sophisticated, yet largely unknown of the dozen or so brainstorming techniques. I first heard the phrase “turn it inside out and upside down” when I was in a producers office for a pitch session. I came to find out...

Unintended Consequences

Writer’s Edge: Brainstorming Technique – Unintended Consequences

This brainstorming technique is most often found in the science fiction or adventure genre. It consists of a set up, then something goes terribly wrong and the characters have to deal with the resulting unintended consequences and aftermath. In the film The Fly, Jeff Goldblum is a scientist doing mutation experiments on himself. During...

Multiple Themes in The Wild Bunch

Writer’s Edge: Multiple Themes

One of my favorite films of all time is the acclaimed masterpiece The Wild Bunch by director, Sam Peckinpah. It’s affectionately been described as “aging outlaws running out of banks to rob and badlands to ride.” It sports a veteran cast starring William Holden, Robert Ryan, Edmond O’brien and Ernest Borgnine. The dialogue is...