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Stewart Farquhar holds Screenwriting and Advanced Screenwriting certificates from the Professional Program at The UCLA School of Theatre Film and Television. Stewart has analyzed over 6,500 scripts for private and studio clients. He is a produced playwright active screenwriter and an in demand lecturer. He presents as a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley, Loyola Marymount, Sherman Oaks Film School, and Cal State Long Beach. He has been a final story analyst for both Slamdance and scripts headed to Cannes for funding. He serves as Finals or Semi Finals judge for three of the major screenwriting contests. Social media links are at Email:

Why Spec Scripts Fail: Backstory Thru Subtext, Part 2

Last time in, Part 1, we discussed how the environment creates behavior that leads to the dialogue a character uses to subtly reveal his or her backstory. I suggested that you rewrite the example scene, without any change in the length, to reveal something about backstory via subtext. If you haven’t...