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Wendy Kram is a producer and the owner of LA FOR HIRE, one of the industry's leading consulting companies for screenwriters, filmmakers and production companies, assisting them in developing, packaging and selling their projects. Creative Screenwriting Magazine ranks her in the Industry’s Top 3 Picks for “Best Script Consultants” with expertise in marketing. She is a respected, working producer with multiple features and series in active development, and she is responsible for securing high six-figure deals for her clients. To learn more about Wendy’s services, success stories and how she may be able to help you advance your projects, email

Ask the Expert: The Do’s and Don’ts of Screenwriting

Question: What are the industry standard do’s and don’ts of screenwriting? As a producer, script consultant, and former VP Development for production companies at Sony, Universal and Disney — I have read thousands of scripts over the years and have had to make the distinction between those that exhibit a high...

Ask the Expert: How Do I Get My Material Seen?

Question: How do I get my material seen?  As a producer, script consultant and former VP of development for production companies based at Sony, Universal, and Disney, one of the most frequently asked questions I hear from screenwriters is “How do I get my material seen?!!” In response to this and other commonly...

Ask the Expert: When Will It Be Done

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! As a producer and former VP of Development for production companies based at Sony, Universal and Disney, I have had the privilege of working with award-winning writers, directors and actors.  The most successful of the writers always put in the most...