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William C. Martell has written 19 produced films for cable and video, including three HBO World Premieres, a pair of Showtime films, the thriller Hard Evidence (Warner Bros.), and the family film Invisible Mom. He is the author of The Secrets of Action Screenwriting and can be reached at

Script Secrets: Set Pieces

Last year’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol restored the series to both box office and critical acclaim after the lows of #3 (which got the same rating on Rotten Tomatoes as #2… but made significantly less money, and was a full grade lower on the Cinemascore audience poll) and also proved Tom Cruise was still a...

Script Secrets: Your Own Devices

MacGuffins, villains’ plans, Bellamys, and broomsticks are some of the most common types of plot devices. Do you know how to use them? You have some great characters and a fantastic idea for a story, but how do you keep it moving? How do you keep that story going to page 110 and make...