Film Screenings

To be the best screenwriter you can be, you need to not only read scripts, but also watch films. Film screenings are a great way to see a film before the public does, allowing you a special sneak peek into what is hitting the theaters. Attending film screenings is a great way to see a new film all while being able to network with filmmaking industry insiders, ranging from screenwriters to the actors to studio execs attending film screenings. You never know who you’ll meet at a screening. Maybe even a Script Magazine contributor!

The Upcoming D.C. Shorts Film Festival and Screenplay Competition

The D.C. Shorts Film Festival and Screenplay Competition, an 11-day event that includes film screenings of shorts, Q&As, filmmaker workshops and free family screenings in Washington, D.C., is considered to be one of the top-tiered short film festivals nationally and around the world, and for budding screenwriters, the unique perks it...

Short Circuit: Spotlight – Sidewalk Film Festival

By Dan Goforth Occasionally, I try to spotlight individual film festivals to give you a flavor of what they’re like. One of my favorite events is the Sidewalk Film Festival, named one of the “Top 25 coolest film festivals” by Movie Maker magazine. Time called it one of the “Top ten...

Behind the Lines with DR: The Membership Trainwreck

Tis the Season in Tinselville. No. Not that season. I’m talking about Awards Season. Oscars. Globes. Spirits. You might think Hollywood is obsessed with such self-congratulatory prizes. Believe me, they’re not unless it translates to either the personal or corporate bottom line. But I’m off point. Awards Season is not about the...

Meet the Reader: Celluloid Heroes

At the Second Annual Hero Complex Film Festival, Warren Beatty, John Favreau, Nicholas Meyer, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, Mike Mignola, and Richard Donner gathered to celebrate filmic (Wrath of Khan), comic (Superman), and screenwriting (Tom Mankiewicz) heroes. Ray Morton was there.