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Business of Screenwriting: Making a Good Script Great

Getting a screenplay down on paper is difficult, there’s no doubt about that.  You search endlessly for that “different” story, for that unusual and fantastic arena that you are sure no one else has done or will ever do. Writers often try to find and create unique situations that are so far out that...

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Join Our ScriptMag Writers’ Group!

Writing can often be a solitary endeavor. But finding screenwriters to connect with isn’t always easy, especially when you live nowhere near the coffeehouses of Hollywood. ScriptMag wants to offer you a way to find other writers, share your goals, learn more about the craft and business from each other, and possibly find future...

Swearing on a Stack of Pancakes

Breaking & Entering: In Good We Trust – But Get It In Writing

I was raised to believe that treating other people with kindness, respect and empathy was of supreme importance. Maybe this was partly how my mother, a child psychologist, kept her five children from getting into endless squabbles. That certainly worked. I remember when our friends across the street, a brother and sister, got into a vicious...