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Breaking In: Winning Screenwriting Contests Using Psych 101

My favorite philosopher, Yogi Berra, supposedly said: “Baseball is 90 percent mental, the other half is physical.” The same could be said of screenwriting.  As in baseball, winning at the game of screenwriting depends partly on talent and stamina– but even more on having the right mental attitude and understanding the way people think. When...


Kickstarter: You’re Doing it Wrong

Script consultant Julie Gray is the author of Just Effing Entertain Me: A Screenwriter’s Atlas. A veteran story analyst for some of the biggest production companies in Hollywood, Julie will be appearing at the London Screenwriter’s Festival on October 25th. Contact Julie here. How many Kickstarter campaign requests do you receive in a given...

Finish Line

Writers’ Room 101: Writing The Outline

Once the episode you’ll be writing has been pitched, beat out, broken, and blended, there’s just one last major step before you’re ready to officially begin the script: writing the outline. And that means congratulations are in order, because you’re in the home stretch. The finish line is finally in sight…almost. The outline is...


Behind the Lines with DR: Shallow Thinking

Doug Richardson’s first produced feature was the sequel to Die Hard, Die Harder. Visit Doug’s site for more Hollywood war stories and information on his popular novels. I’ve just moved. After twenty years in Casa de Die Hard, the War Department and I decided the time was ripe to shuffle the deck, setting up...

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Craft : Do I Really Need Screenwriting Software?

Formatting is the language of the screenplay. Screenwriting software makes it easier to learn this language and to communicate with other industry professionals who “speak” the same language. That fact doesn’t mean you necessarily need to buy screenwriting software, but it does mean you need to learn the language. Excellence is the Goal May...

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Why Spec Scripts Fail: Ignorance vs. Arrogance

Stewart Farquhar holds Screenwriting and Advanced Screenwriting certificates from the Professional Program at The UCLA School of Theatre Film and Television. Stewart has analyzed over 4,000 scripts for private and studio clients. “Knowledge makes people humble. Arrogance makes people ignorant.” I wish I knew the correct author of that thought. The desire to write a successful spec...