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Turing the reader into your "partner in crime" means successfully engaging audiences.

Breaking & Entering: Partners In Crime – Engaging Audiences

A producer who’s sold to all the majors, Barri Evins created Big Ideas to give aspiring screenwriters what it takes to break into the business by sharing methods she uses with professional writers. It has been suggested that since the title of this column is “Breaking & Entering,” perhaps I should devote more of...


ScriptXpert Script Search Top Writers Announced!

The ScriptXpert team is pleased to announce the considerations of the first round of the Script Search service featuring The Asylum. Please join us as we congratulate the top 5 writers in each category and wish them luck! The Asylum’s optioned screenplays will be announced January 15, 2015.  Thriller 3 to 11 – Jeff...

Be Prepared

Writers’ Room 101: If You Stay Ready

In my last post, I left off with a quick little reminder that, even when you’re employed as part of a television writing staff, it’s still a good idea to remain focused on writing your own scripts on the side. In fact, I’d go farther than saying it’s a “good idea.” It’s actually critical...