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Writers’ Room 101: “Showrunners” Movie Review

Eric Haywood has written for network and premium cable television series including ABC’s Private Practice, Showtime’s Soul Food, NBC’s Hawaii, and the upcoming Fox drama Empire. And now for something completely different… Since this blog is dedicated to breaking down the process of television writing, I don’t normally take time out to review films...

screenplay submissions

Screenplay Submissions: How to Handle “No”

Anne Kleinman is a marketing expert at Ad Infinitum. Earlier this week I was speaking with a friend and colleague, who at one time trained comediennes and today, is a sales trainer. The irony in that is for another post. During the course of our conversation we were speaking about effective responses in a...

breaking into hollywood

Writers on the Web: Veteran Producer/Literary Manager Gary W. Goldstein on Breaking Into Hollywood (Part One)

Rebecca Norris is a writer, producer, web enthusiast, and creator of the award-winning web series Split with her production company, Freebird Entertainment. Follow Rebecca on Twitter at @beckaroohoo. I was honored to have the opportunity to sit down with veteran producer and literary manager Gary W. Goldstein (Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies)....

life itself

Back to the Chalkboard: Empathy and LIFE ITSELF

In a recent text exchange with a screenwriter friend of mine, I lamented, “Life is Sooooo F*#king Hard!” Without getting into the details of my travails, I can tell you I don’t have Ebola virus and I am not homeless and starving. I understand that on the spinning roulette wheel of life, I’m very,...