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Script Tips: Deadlines Make Scripts Better, Every Time!

As spring approaches and we’re all trying to diet to make our Memorial Day bathing-suit deadlines, it seems like a good time to consider how we can use this season to make the plots of our screenplays richer. One way is to provide a deadline or “ticking clock” to add pressure and suspense to...


Submissions Insanity # 11: How To Win Screenwriting Competitions

If you enter the word “screenwriting” into Google, you’ll discover from its Autocomplete function that after “software,” “competitions” is the second most popular search term on the web. But how do screenwriters WIN or place highly in screenwriting competitions, my Bang2writers always ask? Well, from my time sifting through submissions for screenwriting contests, schemes...


3 Tips on How To Manage Literary Agents

Writer/agent relationships are weird.  On one hand, we trust our livelihoods to them; on the other, we want our agents to see us as invincible rock stars, talented artists they can count on.  We look to our agents to find us work and steer our careers… but we also pay them only 10 percent,...

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Ask the Expert: The Birth of Your First Draft

Question: What kind of feedback should I seek after the first draft is done? You got to the end of your first draft! Congratulations.  You just gave birth! Er, thanks…  Is my child any good?  I hope it’s a genius.  Maybe it’s an idiot?  How can I find out? Truthfully, a first draft is...