How to Sell a Script and Build a Screenwriting Career

Writing a marketable screenplay is only the first part of becoming a successful screenwriter. Learning what tools you need to sell your script and knowing how to identify the market you should be targeting are essential in order to sell your screenplay. Tracking the industry trends, researching production companies, as well as mastering the art of crafting a pitch, one-sheet and query letter will all increase your odds of selling a script.

Swearing on a Stack of Pancakes

Breaking & Entering: In Good We Trust – But Get It In Writing

I was raised to believe that treating other people with kindness, respect and empathy was of supreme importance. Maybe this was partly how my mother, a child psychologist, kept her five children from getting into endless squabbles. That certainly worked. I remember when our friends across the street, a brother and sister, got into a vicious...


TV Writer Podcast: Lisa Alden – Intro to Power of the Pitch

Informative introduction to Lisa Alden’s “Power of the Pitch” workshops – learn how to pitch a script for an original TV pilot from somebody who has sold every one in the room! Even if you plan on writing it on spec, learning how to pitch it will exponentially develop your project and save you...