How to Sell a Script and Build a Screenwriting Career

Writing a marketable screenplay is only the first part of becoming a successful screenwriter. Learning what tools you need to sell your script and knowing how to identify the market you should be targeting are essential in order to sell your screenplay. Tracking the industry trends, researching production companies, as well as mastering the art of crafting a pitch, one-sheet and query letter will all increase your odds of selling a script.


Balls of Steel: Overcoming Overthinking

Before I became Editor of ScriptMag, I used to write Balls of Steel every week. I didn’t have time to overthink articles. I just needed to churn them out with confidence. Now that I’m busier, juggling 60 contributors, having no assistant and still pursuing my own screenwriting career, I really don’t have time to...


Stories Without Borders: Why Screenwriters Matter

The stories that we tell ourselves, about ourselves, about our worlds, are very powerful. We need them. When we believe our stories, we can cope with what we think is truth. And we desperately need some truth to hang onto these days. And that’s where you come in, dear screenwriters. You are storytellers in...


Behind the Lines with DR: Thanks to My Agent for Sharing

I don’t recommend you make a best buddy of your agent. Then again, I don’t not recommend you get bestie close with your chosen rep. That’s your call and, I suppose, theirs too. But there’s this added bonus, should you choose to pal-up with your agent. Friends tend to share. Be it about relationships,...

Rejection Man

Breaking and Entering – Dealing With Rejection

They say love hurts, but rejection is soul crushing. Having your idea, your script, your passion project turned down is a unique kind of pain. It’s personal. This is your baby. And someone just said, “It’s ugly.” Ouch. I’ve probably written thousands of rejection letters over the course of my career; whether turning down...


Script Angel: The Value of Discussing Your Script Notes

We know that script notes are a valuable part of the script development process and it can come in very different forms depending on who those notes are coming from. So should those notes on your script be written, verbal or both? 1) Verbal script notes: If you’ve been commissioned to write a script or have had...


Submissions Insanity: Query In 10 Steps

NEWSFLASH: querying is any screenwriter’s first port of call in getting a script request. The good news is, it’s easier than ever to query producers, filmmakers and agents in this age of the internet! However, very few screenwriters actually DO query and those that do, rarely do it well. I think this is because...