How to Create Loglines, Queries, One-Sheets

Loglines, Queries, and One-Sheets are elements a screenwriter uses to promote their screenplay. A logline is a simply one to three sentences telling what the screenplay is about. A logline needs to grab whomever it’s told to so they immediate understand the concept. A query is used by a screenwriter to solicit a read from either an agent, manager, or producer. While most queries today are sent via email, a query can still be accomplished by writing an actual letter to an agent, manager, or producer and sending through the U.S. Postal Service or done over the telephone. One-Sheets are very brief breakdowns of your screenplay but also include the screenwriter’s name, title of screenplay, contact information, genre of screenplay, and logline all fitting on one page.

SDCC How to Write a TV Pilot panel

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Submissions Insanity: Query In 10 Steps

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Submissions Insanity # 11: How To Win Screenwriting Competitions

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