Marketing and Branding a Screenwriter

Knowing how to market yourself as a writer and create a personal brand is essential to bringing exposure to your work and self. It takes more than a screenwriting agent to get your work noticed. You need to be your own agent and own PR company to promote your screenplays. There’s no better way to showcase yourself as a writer than creating a website, a personal brand as a writer, and getting your prose out into the world.

breaking into hollywood

Writers on the Web: Veteran Producer/Literary Manager Gary W. Goldstein on Breaking Into Hollywood (Part Two)

Rebecca Norris is a writer, producer, web enthusiast, and creator of the award-winning web series Split with her production company, Freebird Entertainment.  She teaches webinars for The Writers Store on Writing The Web Series. Follow Rebecca on Twitter at @beckaroohoo.  Welcome to Part Two of my interview with veteran producer/literary manager Gary W. Goldstein...


Writing Wrap Up: Writing Goals – Goal-ivate to Motivate

Ready, Get, GOOOOOOAL! One way of setting writing goals, is to organize them by phase: a.  Creation, b.  Refining, and c.  Marketing. I find it helpful to compare writing to other business processes, which generates a tangible image. If you compare writing to a traditional business like building a better car; creation, refining and marketing could...