Using Script Consultants

What’s the difference between a script editor and a script consultant? Everything. Script editors simply are proofreaders of your work to make your script polished, but a script consultant is someone who rips your structure and characters apart to elevate your overall story and get it ready for the screenplay market. Learn the pros and cons of getting professional feedback on a screenplay as well as get advice from script consultants and script readers themselves.


A few weeks back, Chad Gervich created quite a stir when he wrote an article for this website advising aspiring screenwriters not to use script coverage services. As a professional script analyst who—in addition to assessing scripts for producers, production companies, and screenplay contests—works for a coverage service, Ray Morton had...

Meet the Reader: Feedback

Start by pitching your premise to a few trusted listeners before you start writing. A well-conceived concept should be able to be clearly explained in a few concise and tightly focused sentences.

Meet the Reader: How Not To Annoy a Reader

At various times in the history of this column, I have been known to sound off about the tricks, trends and proclivities of screenwriters that annoy, irritate or otherwise torture poor, underpaid script readers such as myself.