Screenwriting Assignments

Everyone wants to get paid to write. But do you have what it takes to take on writing assignments? Working on your own spec scripts is exciting, but bringing that same excitement and creativity to the table when you are writing someone else’s idea isn’t always easy. Learn how to get writing assignments, how to work collaboratively, and how to maintain your professionalism in as a writer for hire.

Shooting Script

Why Spec Scripts Fail: Shooting Scripts vs. Spec Scripts

Stewart Farquhar holds Screenwriting and Advanced Screenwriting certificates from the Professional Program at The UCLA School of Theatre Film and Television. Stewart has analyzed over 4,000 scripts for private and studio clients. Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Shooting vs. Spec. A conundrum. There is a lot of gnashing of...

ego management

Behind the Lines with DR: Ego Management – Chicken or the Egg?

Doug Richardson’s first produced feature was the sequel to Die Hard, Die Harder. Visit Doug’s site for more Hollywood war stories and information on his popular novels. It’s no secret the entertainment biz is rife with personalities. Big ones. Fast-talking. Recalcitrant. And quite a significant number that could best be described as having some...


Short Circuit: Stop Chasing Your Screenwriting Dream!

Years ago, I had an agent and spent a lot of time “chasing” a screenwriting career, and I never got anywhere. Today, I no longer have an agent, don’t live in L.A., am writing to please myself… and the work just kind of magically appears… not that I am buying my own private island or anything yet...


Behind the Lines with DR: Anger is an Enemy

Ever hear that old axiom, never write a letter when you’re angry? Yeah. I’d heard it too. And I wish to hell I’d remembered it. But… I was working on a production rewrite. Considering the circumstance and the politics, it was most likely to turn out to be something uncredited. So I was aware...