Screenwriting Assignments

Everyone wants to get paid to write. But do you have what it takes to take on writing assignments? Working on your own spec scripts is exciting, but bringing that same excitement and creativity to the table when you are writing someone else’s idea isn’t always easy. Learn how to get writing assignments, how to work collaboratively, and how to maintain your professionalism in as a writer for hire.


Behind the Lines with DR: Anger is an Enemy

Ever hear that old axiom, never write a letter when you’re angry? Yeah. I’d heard it too. And I wish to hell I’d remembered it. But… I was working on a production rewrite. Considering the circumstance and the politics, it was most likely to turn out to be something uncredited. So...


Behind the Lines with DR: Against the Deadline

I asked myself how many times I’d been there before. Up against or even beyond the deadline. The phone ringing with calls from either the studio or the producer or my agent serving messages from the two former. I’ve both begged and demanded for more time. Just another week, day, or...

Do you have a personal connection to your screenplay?

Back to the Chalkboard: Personal Connection

Have you ever had to write something you didn’t care about? Think back to high school, college, grad school, or even your job – there must have been some paper or assignment that you simply could not motivate yourself to write until the last possible minute. Or, you actually started writing...