Screenwriting Partnerships

Filmmaking is a collaborative medium, and screenwriting is no exception. Many produced and successful scripts have been written by writing partners. But finding the right partner is as hard as finding the perfect spouse. Learn the process of finding a partner, creating a workable relationship, and how to protect yourself in the process. Learn the questions to ask while “dating,” the many writing processes of working with a partner, and what to do if the partnership goes sour. Numerous benefits exist by having a writing partner, but learning survival tricks before you commit may save the “marriage” from disaster.

Legally Speaking, It Depends: Co-Writers

Writing is a lonely business. Filling a blank page all by yourself is daunting. (I know, I was just staring at one.) So there is an attraction to going in with a partner to share the load, fill the gaps and commiserate with over the rejections. Writing partners are an attractive...