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Script Magazine has a wide variety of contributors, each specializing in a unique area of screenwriting. All of our screenwriting blogs are written by screenwriting experts whose advice comes from years of experience in the industry. Our list of contributors grows and changes as the needs of our readers change. Script Magazine has evolved from just a Hollywood voice to a global voice, with writers from L.A. to London, examining studio productions, web series, independent filmmaking and more.


Behind the Lines with DR: Thanks to My Agent for Sharing

I don’t recommend you make a best buddy of your agent. Then again, I don’t not recommend you get bestie close with your chosen rep. That’s your call and, I suppose, theirs too. But there’s this added bonus, should you choose to pal-up with your agent. Friends tend to share. Be it about relationships,...

Screenplay Competition Nashville Film Festival

Screenplay Competition: Frankenstein Gets a Makeover

When the Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition launched last year with twenty categories, it was practically unheard of. In NaFF Director Michael Wood‘s words, “We looked at other competitions and what they were doing. We wanted to combine the best ideas we could find and make sort of our own Frankenstein competition.“ And so...

Rejection Man

Breaking and Entering – Dealing With Rejection

They say love hurts, but rejection is soul crushing. Having your idea, your script, your passion project turned down is a unique kind of pain. It’s personal. This is your baby. And someone just said, “It’s ugly.” Ouch. I’ve probably written thousands of rejection letters over the course of my career; whether turning down...

Writers' Room

Writers’ Room 101: Your First Writers’ Room

Well, you did it. After years of cranking out script after script and taking meeting after meeting, you finally landed your first job on the staff of a television drama. Congratulations! Now what the hell do you do? Let’s discuss what you can expect once you step inside your first writers’ room. The beauty...