A Flick Chick, by Paula Landry

A Flick Chick, by Paula Landry is a column to help writers and artists become creative entrepreneurs and take advantage of trends to improve, promote and sell their work in the rapidly changing film industry and media landscape. A Flick Chick shows screenwriters where movies, media and business intersect, covering screenplay and TV writing, pitching, social media and production hacks, trends in filmmaking, marketing as a writer, contests and disruptive ways to give writers an edge in creative pursuits and growing a successful media career. Motivation, inspiration and practical encouragement are key to the activation of achieving writing success.


Writers Wrap Up: Character Development in Storytelling

Interesting Characters, Interested Viewers Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Great storytelling requires interesting characters, preferably those that possess some unexpected trait (Marge in Fargo, a tough cop who’s hugely pregnant, Fletcher the conductor in Whiplash, tough as nails in the classroom, tinkles on the ivories at the jazz club...


Writing Wrap Up: Villains We Love to Hate – Hannibal Lecter

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! What makes a good movie? Ask yourself what you like – strong plot with twists and turns and unpredictability. A hero you like and want to root for, a love interest…and a compelling villain. I think of these as magnets that polarize the characters and...

Screenwriting Filmmaking in China

Writing Wrap Up: China Here Now!

We writers often live in our heads, and today I’m urging us collectively to be here, now, right in the present. Philosophy and religion have tons of literature about this subject, but I have learned from years of writing and working with scribes and entrepreneurs that to accomplish something, it is extremely helpful to...


Writing Wrap Up: Writing Goals – Goal-ivate to Motivate

Ready, Get, GOOOOOOAL! One way of setting writing goals, is to organize them by phase: a.  Creation, b.  Refining, and c.  Marketing. I find it helpful to compare writing to other business processes, which generates a tangible image. If you compare writing to a traditional business like building a better car; creation, refining and marketing could...