Business of Screenwriting by Michele Wallerstein

Michele Wallerstein’s column, THE BUSINESS OF SCREENWRITING, informs readers of all the intricate maneuvering they must learn to become successful screenwriters. She helps writers learn how to get an agent, sell their scripts, why and if they also need a personal manager and an entertainment attorney. Michele is a story and screenplay consultant who spent many years as a literary agent. Michele shares her knowledge of networking, marketing your script, story, structure, character as well as pitch fests and writing contests. She writes about Indie vs. Studio decisions and the art of pitching your script.

right story

Business of Screenwriting: Choosing the Right Story

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! What could you be thinking?  It is something I often wonder when I’m reading a new script from either new or seasoned writers.  I know that you have received advice that tells you to write something about which you know as well as advice...

keep it simple

Business of Screenwriting: Keep It Simple

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! A lot of writers worry about the wrong things.  I sometimes think it’s because they take too many writing classes, read too many books on how to write a script and listen to too many people who don’t know what they are talking about. ...

meetings matter

Business of Screenwriting: Meetings Matter

By Michele Wallerstein I notice that clients don’t seem to know what they want in their career conferences with me.  I offer these conferences to help writers and other would-be filmmaking professionals so that I can help them define and achieve their goals.  They pay me a fee and we set up a time...


Business of Screenwriting: I Don’t Believe in Fate

By Michele Wallerstein I’ve been listening to writers complain about being a writer for about a million years now.  As an agent I heard how bad their producers were, how little work there was, how cheap the studios were and how stupid the buyers were that didn’t buy their scripts.  I always broke my...