Back to the Chalkboard by Brad Riddell

I’ve learned a lot of lessons in twelve years as a working screenwriter. Lessons leaving home to chase the dream, lessons as a MFA student at USC, lessons breaking into the business, lessons trying to stay in the business, and for the past eight years, lots and lots of lessons as a screenwriting professor. I’ll be sharing these lessons with you here on the chalkboard, as we discuss writing and the business of writing through the eyes of a teacher.

life itself

Back to the Chalkboard: Empathy and LIFE ITSELF

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! In a recent text exchange with a screenwriter friend of mine, I lamented, “Life is Sooooo F*#king Hard!” Without getting into the details of my travails, I can tell you I don’t have Ebola virus and I am not homeless and starving. I understand...

Screenwriting Polygamy

Back to the Chalkboard: Screenwriting Polygamy

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! It’s a Sin! No manager or agent will represent you. No studio or producer will buy your script. You must build your brand and be consistent! You must not confuse the very smart, often Ivy League-educated people who run production companies, studios, and networks!...

Dead Poets Society

Back to the Chalkboard: Robin Williams and the Value of Comedy

Brad Riddell has written four feature films on assignment for studios and independent producers, and is a screenwriting professor in DePaul University’s School of Cinema and Interactive Media. In 1990 I was about to graduate from high school and head off to the University of Kentucky. Despite starring in the senior class play and...

Mission of the Moment

Back to the Chalkboard: The Mission of the Moment

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Have you ever found yourself in a singular moment where you felt hyper-driven to achieve a very specific goal? I’m sure you have, and I bet you can think of something better than that time your morning was placed in serious jeopardy when your...