Back to the Chalkboard by Brad Riddell

I’ve learned a lot of lessons in twelve years as a working screenwriter. Lessons leaving home to chase the dream, lessons as a MFA student at USC, lessons breaking into the business, lessons trying to stay in the business, and for the past eight years, lots and lots of lessons as a screenwriting professor. I’ll be sharing these lessons with you here on the chalkboard, as we discuss writing and the business of writing through the eyes of a teacher.

Do you have a personal connection to your screenplay?

Back to the Chalkboard: Personal Connection

Have you ever had to write something you didn’t care about? Think back to high school, college, grad school, or even your job – there must have been some paper or assignment that you simply could not motivate yourself to write until the last possible minute. Or, you actually started writing...

Location Location Location

Back to the Chalkboard: Location, Location, Location

One of my favorite classes to teach is a topics course on scene writing.  In that class, we discard the macro elements of structure and character arc, break out the microscope, and take a closer look at the tiny cells that make up any piece of dramatic writing – its scenes....