From the Lens by Nathan Blair

Director of Photography, Nathan Blair, shares his viewpoint of breaking a script down from the cinematographers point of view to help screenwriters learn more about their writing craft and the collaborative process.


From The Lens: 9 Visual Styles In One Shot

An important lesson I’m sure many film and videomakers have come to learn is that no matter how simple a shoot seems… It’s never really simple. I’d like to share my recent experience on a seemingly “simple” sketch comedy video I did for Ariana Seigel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, which is available to watch on...

Editing Screenplays

From The Lens: Editing A Screenplay

As a kid, I sometimes thought: Isn’t it unrealistic that the characters in nearly every film never take a break to go to the bathroom? Maybe they aren’t drinking enough water? For that matter, I never see them drinking water either! Later I realized that would be far too much information for the audience....


From The Lens: Writing Action Lines

When a screenplay lands on my desk, I spend a lot of my time breaking it down, analyzing it as a whole, and analyzing the individual characters. As you may assume, a major part of my focus is on the action lines, because they give me visual cues I need in order to understand each...

NYC - City Lights

From The Lens: Perspective

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! It’s no secret that I’m not the most socially outgoing person, so I’m not the type of New Yorker who knows all his neighbors. This is not because I don’t want to be friendly though; I’m just always in such a hurry! There are...

Nate Perkins as Clark, and his light in frame.

From The Lens: How I Shot An Improvised Feature Film

I’ll admit that publishing a blog about improvising a film to an audience of professional screenwriters is a little scary… please don’t hate me! This style of filmmaking by no means replaces the need to write screenplays, and should obviously be recognized as an a-typical approach to filmmaking. Truth is: There was a great...

The Canon AutoZoom 814, rolling on a cityscape for Wavelength, the film.

From The Lens: Choosing A Camera for Filmmaking

On a frosty winter day in Central Park, I reached into my backpack, to pull out a little silver camera– the Canon AutoZoom 814. It’s a consumer super 8mm film camera, designed to capture home movies in the late 60’s. Of course this wasn’t the 60’s, nor was it a home movie. This was...