Inner Drives by Pamela Jaye Smith

Create unique, dynamic, believable characters using the chakras, our INNER DRIVES. Chakras are actual bundles of nerves that control the endocrine glands which release hormones, which affect our feelings. Each chakra has unique hopes, fears, strengths, weaknesses, actions, speech styles, and more. Whether a writer, director, actor, or designer, you can develop characters, arcs, and ensembles that’ll hook the readers and viewers of your novels and scripts, features, TV shows, stage plays, and web series. Learn to use these INNER DRIVES and you too can tap into the power of mythic archetypes no matter your genre or style.

Ask the Expert — Character Description

Question: “How much importance should be placed on describing the character in a pitch?” Answer:Stories are all about characters, so let the potential buyer know yours are fascinating and compelling, caught up in emotional turmoil, action challenges, moral dilemmas … whatever the dramatic conflict in your story. SDS: Sympathy, Danger, Salvation. Let...