Notes from the Margins by Danny Manus

Danny Manus is an in-demand script consultant and founder of No BullScript Consulting, and was ranked in the Top 15 “Cream of the Crop” Script Consultants in 2010. He is the author of No B.S. for Screenwriters: Advice from the Executive Perspective. Danny shares notes, tips, lessons, anecdotes and information that will hopefully improve your writing, enlighten you about parts of the business that aren’t talked about, lessen the number of notes you get in YOUR margins, and help you further understand what breaking into this business and staying here really entails.

Notes from the Margins: A Writer’s Greatest Enemy

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Much like an innocent, wide-eyed gazelle prancing along the African plains, the amateur writer has many natural enemies lurking, waiting to pounce.  But I bet you don’t know what their greatest natural enemy is. It’s not the cold-hearted agent, not the...