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Script Magazine has a wide variety of contributors, each specializing in a unique area of screenwriting. All of our screenwriting blogs are written by screenwriting experts whose advice comes from years of experience in the industry. Our list of contributors grows and changes as the needs of our readers change. Script Magazine has evolved from just a Hollywood voice to a global voice, with writers from L.A. to London, examining studio productions, web series, independent filmmaking and more.


Legally Speaking, It Depends: One Theme, Two Movies

Changing things up, today’s column will look more at the business aspects of taking a film from pitch to film festivals and beyond and how similarity on the surface doesn’t always play out the same. As test subjects, we’ll look at two films who could have been elevator pitched with the same theme and...

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Behind the Lines with DR: Residual Angst, Part 2

Doug Richardson’s first produced feature was the sequel to Die Hard, Die Harder. Visit Doug’s site for more Hollywood war stories and information on his popular novels. Read Part 1 of Residual Angst “A year and a half?” I gasped again. “There’s a queue,” explained Sheena, Queen of the Lost Residuals Jungle. “Qualified and...


Utopia Film Festival: Q&A with Co-Director Chris Haley

Filmmakers, audiences, popcorn and small towns, together at last. For me, those are the best kinds of film festivals. There’s something about the celebration of film that takes place in these out-of-the-way venues that’s magic. Whenever I can find a gem of a festival and connect with a community who loves film, I breathe...


Column D: Should You Take Him Back? (When to use Flashback)

I want to talk to you today about one of the more controversial tools in the screenwriter’s toolbox – and that’s flashback. Like voice-over, flashback is “frowned upon” by screenwriting gurus, professors and so-called purists. The reason for all that frowning is that flashing back slows the forward momentum of the film and “takes...

Winning Screenwriting Contests - Script Mag - Script Angel - Rocky

Script Angel: Screenwriting Contests – Making The Cut

In my previous article I asked ‘are screenwriting contests worth it?’  My answer, with a few caveats, was a resounding ‘yes.’ So, how do you make the contest cut? What will make your screenplay stand out among the thousands of others entered? What can you do to improve your chances? Don’t get disqualified. You...

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Writers’ Room 101: Tweet Responsibly, My Friends

True story: once upon a time, there was a television writer. Let’s call him “Joe.” Joe was gainfully employed by a TV series (yay!) that, unfortunately, had a showrunner who didn’t mind working ungodly-long hours from time to time (boo!). These things happen. You won’t always be home in time for dinner. You’ll have...