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Script Magazine has a wide variety of contributors, each specializing in a unique area of screenwriting. All of our screenwriting blogs are written by screenwriting experts whose advice comes from years of experience in the industry. Our list of contributors grows and changes as the needs of our readers change. Script Magazine has evolved from just a Hollywood voice to a global voice, with writers from L.A. to London, examining studio productions, web series, independent filmmaking and more.

blue sky

Blue Sky: Enter the TV Writers’ Room

The title of my column comes from an expression I only heard once in a writer’s room, but from somebody who’d been in a lot of rooms, over a lot of years, so I can only assume he didn’t make it up. To call a “blue sky” session in a writers room means that...

LAWEBFEST Award Winner laurel

Writers on the Web Wrap-Up: LAWEBFEST 2014

I’m taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a Writers on the Web Wrap-up of last week’s Los Angeles Web Series Festival (LAWEBFEST). (Try saying Writers on the Web Wrap-Up five times fast, it’s fun!) It’s not a film festival, but a web festival: five days in late March devoted entirely...

brainstorming techniques 2

Writer’s Edge: Brainstorming Techniques – Fish Out of Water

The “Fish Out of Water” brainstorming technique has long been a staple in literature as well as in the movies. Taking someone out of their normal element and placing them in a completely foreign environment makes for obvious laughs, adventure and conflict. Watching characters stumble and fall but who ultimately are forced to adapt...


Fragments #4 – Continuity & The Universal Monsters, Part Two

Last month, we focused on the “legacy” sequels to Universal’s smash 1931 films, Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi and Frankenstein, starring Boris Karloff. Before we dig into the next era of the Universal sequels, the crossover and shared universe, we have to discuss the final “done in one” component of Universal’s monster-menagerie, 1941’s The Wolf...


Script Gods Must Die: Optimism vs Delusion

When do you give up on a screenplay? When is your belief in the script optimism? When is it delusion? You’ve been working on this…thing…for weeks, months, hell, maybe even years. You do what the experts recommend: Gather critiques, rewrite, send the script out, rejection, more rewriting, and send it out again, more rejection....