Story Conflict by Jerry Flattum

Drama is conflict. Conflict is the heart of storytelling. Love, suspense and comedy are born from conflict. Characters create and resolve conflict by overcoming obstacles to reach a desired goal. Conflict starts with desire. Isn’t it ironic that no one goes through live without struggle, without conflict? And why? Because we all want something, if not to survive, then a better life. Good or bad, we make choices. The stories we tell are a quest for truth, or to give meaning to our lives. The first question to answer is if what we experience is real…or fiction.


Actress Yvette Yates and the Depth of Character

Yvette Yates (In the Blood, Without Men) real life depth of character reveals a new way of viewing how actors and actresses in the New Millennium are sophisticated, immensely talented and exceptionally well-trained. According to grocery store fanzines, it would seem most people are only interested in the dirty laundry of actors/actresses. You know…...


Interview with Screenwriter Rob Edwards

In the following interview with screenwriter Rob Edwards, writers of all levels will certainly be inspired. It’s easy asking questions about the art/science of scriptwriting. But, it’s Rob’s answers that reveal the elements of storytelling.

revenge vs forgiveness

What is a Story?: Revenge vs. Forgiveness

One of the most popular and dramatic themes underlying the movies is revenge vs. forgiveness, with a far greater favoring of revenge in the game of perpetrator vs. victim. Somewhere in between is the quest for justice. A classic way to characterize the forgiveness vs. revenge conflict is eye for an eye vs. turn...


What is a Story?: Logistics of Making a Movie

Screenwriting gurus stress one of the keys to a successful script is “write what you know.” Well, there are many examples where the screenwriter had to know or learn much about a place or how something worked as an integral part of telling the story. Movies take us places we’ve never been and show...

anton chigurh - No Country For Old Men

What is a Story?: Psychopath – The Ultimate Antagonist

Discerning the difference between psychopath and sociopath is enough to drive you crazy. Whatever the difference, the psychopath is one of Hollywood’s most favorite antagonists. A Google search reveals the question is a popular one. Psychopath has a bit more of a personal ring to it, which makes it scarier. According to, “there...

hannibal lecter

What is a Story?: Character Types – Neanderthal to Alien

It certainly makes for an interesting debate whether modern day characters might be the more difficult characters to create than historical characters. Historical characters already have so much character built in. Whether it’s a Western, the Middle Ages, Rome, or even Neanderthal, every century prior to the current one is rich in type, costume,...