Writers on the Verge by Lee Jessup

Lee Jessup’s column, Writer’s On The Verge, investigates the different elements that go into building a screenwriting career, from agents and managers to pitching, taking meetings, writing assignments and the contests to launch your screenwriting career. Relying on years of industry experience working with novice and professional screenwriters as a screenwriting career coach, Lee delivers in-depth, no-nonsense information about building your screenwriting career, marketing your script and selling your script. Her insights are derived from daily interactions with aspiring and working screenwriters, coming to answer the many business questions plaguing writers trying to make their way into screenwriting today.

personal narrative

Writers on the Verge: The Deal Closer – Your Personal Narrative

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! If you’ve been writing – and getting your work out there – for any length of time, chances are you’ve developed a pitch or two. After all, these are some of the most important tools in the writer’s arsenal. Knowing how to talk about your work...