How to Write a Screenplay

A moviegoer has certain expectations of a film’s journey, whether conscious or subconscious. The execution of the concept has to deliver. Besides simply “good writing,” producers are looking for scripts with proper format and stories that follow a three-act structure. Discover the essential techniques that grab an executive’s attention and make the execution of your story as good as the hook, all while taking the audience on an emotional ride. Learn outlining, writing dialogue, crafting memorable scenes, proper screenplay format and more.


Short Circuit: Stop Chasing Your Screenwriting Dream!

Years ago, I had an agent and spent a lot of time “chasing” a screenwriting career, and I never got anywhere. Today, I no longer have an agent, don’t live in L.A., am writing to please myself… and the work just kind of magically appears… not that I am buying my own private island or anything yet...

unlikeable characters

Meet the Reader: ‘Unlikeable’ Characters

I recently read a screenplay about a really terrible man – a self indulgent drug addict and dealer who lies and cheats and steals; verbally abuses his girlfriend; runs over a child with his car; and then flees the scene. At the end of the script, this awful person has a life-changing experience that...

action lines

Script Gods Must Die: Action Lines – The Key is POV

Action lines and Dialogue. Less the slugline and a transition or two, that is all there is to a screenplay. While it might be argued that dialogue is far more important, the ability to write clean, crisp screen direction is essential. What is the best way to go about it? You hear talk of...


Writing Wrap Up: Villains We Love to Hate – Hannibal Lecter

What makes a good movie? Ask yourself what you like – strong plot with twists and turns and unpredictability. A hero you like and want to root for, a love interest…and a compelling villain. I think of these as magnets that polarize the characters and situations they repel, attract, and give a story momentum. The...

SDCC How to Write a TV Pilot panel

TV Writer Podcast 085 – How to Write a TV Pilot

Couldn’t make it to Gray’s How To Write a TV Pilot panel at Comic-Con this year? No problem! Here is the complete video, including Q & A. Click image to play video; more details are below. CONTEST/EXTRAS LINK: Have you ever thought of a perfect idea for a TV series? Find out how...