How to Write a Screenplay

A moviegoer has certain expectations of a film’s journey, whether conscious or subconscious. The execution of the concept has to deliver. Besides simply “good writing,” producers are looking for scripts with proper format and stories that follow a three-act structure. Discover the essential techniques that grab an executive’s attention and make the execution of your story as good as the hook, all while taking the audience on an emotional ride. Learn outlining, writing dialogue, crafting memorable scenes, proper screenplay format and more.

movie ideas

Get Real: Movie Ideas – Why Didn’t I Think of That? Part 4

David Garrett has written feature films for DreamWorks, Disney, Sony, Universal, and Paramount. Follow David on Twitter @davidcgarrett. Movie ideas? You know your script is bad when the funniest thing about it is a typo. That happened with a screenplay I was working on with a partner, who was not the best speller. He...

Christian Bale as Dan Evans in 3:10 To Yuma.

Script Notes: Who Is The Hero?

WGA writer Michael Tabb has written for Universal Studios, Disney Feature Animation, comic book icon Stan Lee, and other industry players. Follow Michael on Twitter @MichaelTabb. Many writers face an odd conundrum when trying to understand a fantastic script that appears to have more than one central character. Have you ever watched a film and asked...

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Script Angel: Laying Solid Story Foundations

Hayley McKenzie is a Script Editor and founder of Script Angel, helping screenwriters elevate their craft and advance their screenwriting career. Follow Hayley on Twitter @HayleyMcKenzie1. Most screenwriters love writing scenes. We love making our characters come alive, interact with and talk to each other. Writing the script, the dialogue, is usually the fun...

invisible man

Column D: Writing Your Main Character – Have You Seen This Man?

Drew Yanno is a screenwriter, author, script consultant and teacher. Follow Drew on Twitter @drewyanno. One of the most common problems beginning screenwriters seem to have is grasping the notion that your script must have a single main character who drives the story. There are two exceptions to this: (1) the dual protagonist story...


The Readability Factor

Dave Trottier is a produced screenwriter, award-winning teacher, acclaimed script consultant, author of The Screenwriter’s Bible , and friendly host of When you sit down and write a script, who is your audience? Is it the eventual producer? Is it the actors and director? How about the set decorator and cinematographer? Who are...


Notes from the Margins: Romance Isn’t Dead…It’s Just Different

Here’s a scary thought – 40 years from now, the story many grandparents will be telling their grandkids about how they met and fell in love will include the words “fuckbuddies,” “Tinder,” and “emoji.” Not exactly Bogey and Bacall, is it? And I believe this newfound way of finding love, romance or sexual satisfaction...