How to Write a Screenplay

A moviegoer has certain expectations of a film’s journey, whether conscious or subconscious. The execution of the concept has to deliver. Besides simply “good writing,” producers are looking for scripts with proper format and stories that follow a three-act structure. Discover the essential techniques that grab an executive’s attention and make the execution of your story as good as the hook, all while taking the audience on an emotional ride. Learn outlining, writing dialogue, crafting memorable scenes, proper screenplay format and more.


Script Tips: Deadlines Make Scripts Better, Every Time!

As spring approaches and we’re all trying to diet to make our Memorial Day bathing-suit deadlines, it seems like a good time to consider how we can use this season to make the plots of our screenplays richer. One way is to provide a deadline or “ticking clock” to add pressure and suspense to...


Column D: Writing Dialogue -The Nose Knows

In this post I want to talk a bit about dialogue. Obviously, when it comes to screenwriting, the subject of dialogue requires a lot more than a 800-word blog tip. So that’s why I am specifically limiting today’s advice to re-writing and dialogue. First of all, when writing your first draft, it’s important to...

Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner

Specs & The City: Death Scenes and ‘Blade Runner’

The act of screenwriting is, at its most basic level, the act of giving life to the words and ideas inside the writer’s mind. By making the conscious choice to tell your story, you’re bringing something new into the world. To me, it’s a big part of why so many screenwriters are obsessed with...


Script Angel: Characters Under Stress

We all know that in screenwriting our inciting incident causes a crisis of some kind, whatever genre we’re working in, but do you really understand the psychology of what follows? Here’s a handy guide to the psychology of stress to help really put your characters through the ringer. What is a crisis? A crisis...