Screenplay Formatting

Anything that makes your script look unprofessional will hurt the chance of your screenplay getting recommended by a studio reader let alone produced. An astute reader might overlook formatting errors and find a well-told story inside, but most will toss the script after only reading a couple of pages. If you do not have the proper screenplay format, your script will be judged as amateurish, putting it in the pile of rejected scripts. Learn how to use proper screenplay format to give off the first impression of being a professional screenwriter.

All About Flashbacks

Dave Trottier, AKA Dr. Format, explains although you often hear the advice to avoid flashbacks, they’re perfectly legitimate if used properly.

The Readability Factor

Dave Trottier, AKA Dr. Format, explains the importance of readability in your screenplay. Before your script has a shot to be greenlit, it needs to be an enjoyable read.

Submissions Insanity: Extreme Christmas Turkey Edition

So, Christmas* is around the corner (*other seasonal holidays are available). We all know what this means … Yes, that writers wish they could be writing instead of doing all that boring and annoying family stuff! ACK, spouses, kids, parents, siblings, aged aunts and uncles, grandchildren, pets etc are SO INCONSIDERATE! But...

Script Gods Must Die: Action Lines – The Key is POV

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Action lines and Dialogue. Less the slugline and a transition or two, that is all there is to a screenplay. While it might be argued that dialogue is far more important, the ability to write clean, crisp screen direction is essential....

Breaking In: Abraham Lincoln, Verbosity Hunter

Abraham Lincoln was a great writer and public speaker– and a master of brevity.  His entire Gettysburg Address was just 272 words.  A tall man, he knew just how long or short anything should be.  Once, while riding in a stagecoach, Abraham Lincoln was asked by one of his fellow passengers how...