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SDCC How to Write a TV Pilot panel

TV Writer Podcast 085 – How to Write a TV Pilot

Click to tweet this podcast to your friends and followers! Couldn’t make it to Gray’s How To Write a TV Pilot panel at Comic-Con this year? No problem! Here is the complete video, including Q & A. Click image to play video; more details are below. CONTEST/EXTRAS LINK: Have you ever thought of...

John Truby, Syd Field, Linda Seger, Michael Hauge

Syd Field: A Historical Perspective

by Dr. Linda Seger The Great American Dream used to be the aspiration to write the Great American Novel, not the Great American Screenplay. A few novelists and playwrights wended their way to Hollywood to write screenplays, often with disastrous results and unhappy lives, feeling constrained by the form and the crass commercialism of...

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My Favorite Baker’s Dozen of Balls of Steel

In the three years I have been writing Balls of Steel, I have shared my thoughts, my successes, and my gut instincts on the crazy ride that is my writing career. I get to talk about screenwriting, explore my sometimes insane experiences, and above all, admit the gigantic mistakes I have made along the...

'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Specs & The City: Top 10 Films of 2013

It’s that time of year again. Every year around this time, we’re barraged by list after list of the year’s “best” films. It’s an arbitrary assignment of quality based on nothing but personal opinions, but it’s also a ton of fun to look back on the year that was and reminisce a little bit....

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Balls of Steel: Liar, Liar, Career on Fire

Character matters. I’m not talking about the characters you create for your stories. I mean your character. I’ve written about it before in Balls of Steel: Your Character, Your Career, but this time I want to address those who flat out lie, whether it be little white lies or big, gigantic fibaroos. Being a...

writing a tv series

Producer’s POV: Writing a TV Series (Without Whining)

In teaching Screenwriters University’s Writing a Spec Script for a TV series, it’s reminded me how much every writer just wants to write their own original material. And that they are purely writing these spec scripts just to get work or an agent or manager. Granted, it’s the best work in the world (if...