Cast and Crew

A screenplay needs to be written to attract great talent, both in cast and crew. Who you work with to bring your script to life will make all the difference in terms of not only the enjoyment of the process, but also the final product. Filmmaking is a collaborative process. Choosing the cast and crew can make or break your success. Casting directors are a great resource as are references from other independent filmmakers.


Short Circuit: Talent – Tall Order for a Short Film

A buddy of mine, journalist and screenwriter Jeremy Burgess, recently co-wrote his first short film for production, Dead Saturday. He already had a director involved, they’d scouted out shooting locations, and they were looking to yell, “Action!” as soon as possible. Of course, there were some things they still needed… Like a lead actor… Generally, this would be where...


Behind the Lines with DR: Shut Up and Deliver

“What the hell we gotta do to get a performance out of her?” asked the big bald one, aka Bruce Willis. “Maybe she’s intimidated,” replied the fat bald one, aka me. “By me?” asked Bruce. “Who do you think?” I answered. “You’re the movie star. She’s not. Some people get brain lock when they’re...


Actress Yvette Yates and the Depth of Character

Yvette Yates (In the Blood, Without Men) real life depth of character reveals a new way of viewing how actors and actresses in the New Millennium are sophisticated, immensely talented and exceptionally well-trained. According to grocery store fanzines, it would seem most people are only interested in the dirty laundry of actors/actresses. You know…...

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Filmmakers The Erwin Brothers Schedule a Moms’ Night Out

When a harried mother sets up a quiet night out with just her girlfriends, she doesn’t plan on a stolen car, a lost baby, and a biker gang making her night complete. Directed by The Erwin Brothers, Moms Night Out from TriStar Pictures opens May 9. Starring Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Sarah...