Film Directing

Some screenwriters also become directors. If you’re a first-time director, you’ll need an understanding of the overall filmmaking process, as the directorial duties go far past just calling, “Action!” Film directors draw stellar performances from actors, as well as manage the crew behind the scenes. Once the director wraps the film shoot, the work still continues with overseeing film editing, colorizing the film, working with the sound designer, producer, composer, and more. It’s said the film belongs to the director. Anyone who has experienced independent filmmaking will agree.

The time has come to plot the final point on this map and complete my trilogy.

Write, Direct, Repeat: Time to Make a Film!

There’s only so long you can talk before you need to get off your ass and do. And that’s where I find myself today, getting back on my filmmaking horse and heading out to make another film. When I made my first two short films, I made them back-to-back, just about as quickly as...