Film Festival Advice

For an independent filmmaker, entering a short film or a feature film into a film festival is the best way for the screenwriter, director, cast and crew to get noticed. But film festival submissions are complicated. Film producers need a strategy to enter them, as some only want to show a film if it’s the film’s premiere. Do the research on a list of festivals that are in your budget to enter, based both on submission fees and location. Traveling to festivals can get expensive, so choose what is realistic for your budget and enjoy!


Telluride Film Festival Report

A recap of the 41st Telluride Film Festival can take many forms. You can just concentrate on the films headed to the awards races. You can revel in the rediscovered classics or “lost” gems. You can recount the seeking out of the under-the-radar showings as you tried to be one of those to discover...

Credit: Karrah Kwasnik

Donna ON PR: Big or Small, Film Festivals Celebrate Filmmaking

In a couple of days, thousands of people, press, filmmakers, investors, industry executives will descend upon the beautiful mountain town, Park City, Utah for not one but two film festivals: Sundance Film Festival (January 16—26, 2014) and Slamdance Film Festival (January 17—23, 2014). It’s a small town and those first few days it will be...