Film Festival Advice

For an independent filmmaker, entering a short film or a feature film into a film festival is the best way for the screenwriter, director, cast and crew to get noticed. But film festival submissions are complicated. Film producers need a strategy to enter them, as some only want to show a film if it’s the film’s premiere. Do the research on a list of festivals that are in your budget to enter, based both on submission fees and location. Traveling to festivals can get expensive, so choose what is realistic for your budget and enjoy!

Why You Should Write a Short Film Screenplay

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! I recently signed my first NDA for a feature-length writing assignment. I did it without an agent (although I’ve had one), without living in L.A. (although I was born there), and without pinning a producer to the file cabinet with brass...

Film Festivals 411: Why Did My Film Not Get In?

“Everyone thinks my film is great! You guys don’t know what is really good.” “I’ve seen the films you program and mine is so much better.” “My film won awards at four other festivals! I don’t understand why you didn’t pick it up.” I receive these complaints (and worse) daily from...

Screenwriting Website of the Week: FestQuest

If you’re an independent filmmaker, you need to check FestQuest out. We’ll let them speak for themselves… About Us: We are filmmakers. But to really know who we are, it’s more important to know what we believe rather than what we look like. We believe in supporting film festivals by supporting filmmakers. We believe...

Balls of Steel: Below Zero Hits Austin

Writer’s block. We have all suffered from it. But to cure hers, writer and producer Signe Olynyk didn’t go for a run, take a long walk in the woods, or declare a writing sprint on Twitter. She locked herself in a remote slaughterhouse for five days and wrote a script.

Meet the Reader: Celluloid Heroes

At the Second Annual Hero Complex Film Festival, Warren Beatty, John Favreau, Nicholas Meyer, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, Mike Mignola, and Richard Donner gathered to celebrate filmic (Wrath of Khan), comic (Superman), and screenwriting (Tom Mankiewicz) heroes. Ray Morton was there.