Film Locations

Finding locations for a film that are economical and available can be a difficult feat. As part of pre-production planning, create a shot list of all the locations needed, then start hunting for places to shoot a film where you can obtain permission. As part of finding film locations, the production will need insurance, film permits and a safe location to bring cast and crew. A location can make or break the visual appeal of a film, so choose your film location wisely and creatively.

Location Location Location

Back to the Chalkboard: Location, Location, Location

One of my favorite classes to teach is a topics course on scene writing.  In that class, we discard the macro elements of structure and character arc, break out the microscope, and take a closer look at the tiny cells that make up any piece of dramatic writing – its scenes. We focus on...

Photo: Moritz Kosinsky / Wikipedia

Indievelopment: Making a Short Film – Which Script to Film?

By Jeff Richards A lot of writers are choosing to shoot their own short film scripts as a way to get their name out there. It’s cheap (relatively), it’s achievable (sometimes), and it’s fun (except when it isn’t.) But, if you’re anything like most screenwriters, you have ideas melting out of your brain. And...

Nate Perkins as Clark, and his light in frame.

From The Lens: How I Shot An Improvised Feature Film

I’ll admit that publishing a blog about improvising a film to an audience of professional screenwriters is a little scary… please don’t hate me! This style of filmmaking by no means replaces the need to write screenplays, and should obviously be recognized as an a-typical approach to filmmaking. Truth is: There was a great...

North by Northwest

Visual Mindscape: Film Locations as Allegory

Sometimes the specific needs of a scene lock you into a particular location.  But, in situations where this is not the case, you might consider choosing film locations that add a degree of richness to the scene. Often the obvious location is simply generic and adds very little to the story. Where you choose...