Marketing a Film

Just like any other product, an independent film needs marketing and a publicist to help spread the word as to what festival the film is at and what artists were involved in bringing the screenplay to life. Once at film festivals, a film’s PR team organizes meetings and meetups with other industry professionals to potentially get the filmmakers jobs on upcoming independent film projects or to get the film that is appearing at the festival a distribution deal.

A girl and her film poster.

Write, Direct, Repeat: Marketing Your Short Film, Part 2

In the current independent film scene, filmmakers are expected to do much of the marketing of their own films. Since the goals for a short film are often different than for a feature — with learning the craft and gaining exposure often trumping making a profit and securing your next project — short filmmaking...

Actor Christina Brucato and camera crew in a behind-the-scenes still from "Vivienne Again"

Write, Direct, Repeat: Marketing Your Short Film, Part 1

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! For many beginner writer-directors, short films are an ideal way to dive into the art and craft of directing. The stakes are much lower than with a feature film, allowing you to experiment and learn from your mistakes, without risking too much capital or...